Since we started our journey to offer the world market highest quality products, we are continuously aiming to become the “world’s building materials producer”. Our mission at ADO Group is to offer our global customers, the best quality products and differentiating services on a global scale.
In this regard, ADO Group of companies are providing high quality PVC window systems, PVC profiles, wooden composite doors, composite panels and moulded products, composite reinforcement profiles (CRP), aluminium building materials, window and door hardware/accessories, PVC drill pipes, scaffolding and formwork systems. All ADO products are manufactured by utilizing innovative solutions with the most advanced technology to reach highest quality on a global scale.

ADO Group’s corporate structure aims to reach leadership, reliability to deliver perfection in all markets we operate along with our employees and all of our stakeholders. All ADO Group employees are committed to work enthusiastically to achieve a unique position for the Group in markets in which the Group operates both domestically and abroad by participating in successful and value adding projects.

To create a sustainable, stable growth, ADO Group of companies’ targets to operate based on integration and increased competitiveness by focusing on cost awareness, ultimate satisfaction of our employees and consumers as well as social responsibility and environmental awareness.


ACCADO has been operating in the field of window and door accessories production since 2009 and has strengthened its position in the sector.

The production activities started in 2014 and covers aluminium window systems, aluminium profiles, aluminium architectural building materials, and aluminium industrial building materials.

ADO Floor is the only LVT parquet flooring manufacturer of Turkey with its brand and plants of 12 million m2 per annum production capacity. ADO Parke factory was started to be founded in 2015.

ADO Group is the biggest wooden composite door producer of Turkey with ADOKAPI (direct translation meaning “Ado-door”) brand and the facilities having a production capacity of 1.000.000 doors annually.

ADO Group is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC window and door systems in Turkey with its main brand ADOPEN .Our production facilities in Antalya mainly produce uPVC window and door systems, shutter and blind systems, hardware and accessories for windows and doors, custom made PVC profiles, wood composite and MDF interior doors, composite panels and molded products, composite reinforced profiles (CRP, substitute for steel reinforcement), PVC deep well boring pipes and aluminum building materials.

With the modular flooring solutions it provides, it is a certified organization with the quality certificates obtained from international measurement and standardization institutions.Deckado is an excellent composite wood product combining efficiency, environmental compliance and high quality with its advanced and innovative manufacturing technology. Due to high weathering arising from climatic conditions; surface resistance, longevity and durability are quality factors that play an important part in outdoor settings.

Pladeck is a polymer product, devoloped for concrete moulding in coloumns, floors, joists and all kinds of concrete mouldings. With its suitable cost, pladeck is an ideal alternative for other concrete moulding systems such as plywood.Mechancical properties of Pladeck is not dependent on duration of load. Different loads do not cause Pladeck to deform. Not effected by water, humidity and weather conditions, durable against fire. Not flammable.

Wintech, the leading global PVC profile manufacturer, was established in Antalya in 1997, with a half century of knowledge and experience of Çağlar Plastics Ind., which is one of the pioneering window producers of Turkey.
Wintech moved to the new facilities in the Antalya Industrial Zone in 2003, which is one of the biggest industrial zones of Europe. Manufacturing process is carried out in shifts seven days a week, 24 hours a day in the Wintech facilities which cover an area of 550K m².