Raw MDF with high surface layer density is used in high quality furniture and interior design applications. Supports edge profiling and surface processes. Furthermore, it has low formaldehyde content. Suitability for profile application, high edge stability, good density profile, high bending rigidity, strong body structure, even fiber distribution, high surface quality, high static loading capacity, low swelling value. Furniture, interior decoration, 3D front panels, the surface can be coated with melamine film, laminate, facing can be applied, folio can be applied, lacquer paint can be applied.

YONGAPAN – TEKNOPAN raw particleboards consist of durable middle layer and smooth surfaces. Theseare perfect for various laminate applications and with their body structure with low formaldehyde content ideal for wide range of different applications. Smooth surface, light color wood effect, high surface resistance, low dust content, high stability, very good lamination characteristic, square shape, smooth surface provides clean and particle-free working, opportunity. Suitable for furniture, interior decoration, any kind of facing, melamine film can be applied, laminate coating, kitchen furniture, office furniture.